Monday, June 12, 2017

Field Day Tomorrow!!!

Please bring lots of water and sunscreen! Let's have a great day! We will be a rainbow of colors!!!

Witches and Squirrels... please bring your costumes ASAP!!!! Thank you!!!

Monday, June 5, 2017

Immigration Tomorrow!!!!

Dear  Parents,                                                                                        June 5, 2017

The immigrants are fast approaching Ellis Island! We expect to arrive tomorrow, June 6th! Tonight we are hoping you could help your child gather traditional immigrant clothing. You should be able to put together an outfit from your own closet. Any combination of items is fine! The following is a list of possible outfits. Please be sure your child wears his/her costume to school tomorrow, Tuesday!
(Also, please bring a change of clothes for after the simulation)

-long socks tucked into old pants
-a vest
-a blazer/jacket
-bow ties
-cotton button up shirt
- suspenders
-long skirt
-kerchief (head scarf)
-cloth bundle (tied up pillow case)
-small suitcase
-hat (brimmed or cap)

The various volunteer opportunities are: Manifest Checker, Chief Interrogator, Doctor, Psychologist, Final Inspector, or Kitchen/Snack Bars Workers. If you are volunteering please be in our LSS Cafe by 8:45. It would also be great if you could dress in early American clothing to make this experience seem as real as possible to our students.

Your support is greatly appreciated,

Ashley Chisholm